Facts About Malta Islands

Malta is the largest island and the cultural, commercial and administrative center. Malta sits south of Sicily and northeast of Tunisia. It has a craggy coast, beaches, lots of history and is one of Europe’s smallest countries. Around 17,000 years ago, the Maltese islands were the mountain tops of one landmass which connected current-day Malta to Sicily and even mainland Italy.

During the last 2,000-odd years, Malta has known 11 foreign rulers that left behind various traces that can be found and admired around the Maltese islands. Malta hosts 75 local village feasts between June and September, which is a festivity in honor of the town’s patron saint and is originally a religious celebration. The three phrases that summarize such events are fireworks, religious processions, and band marches. A few local tour operators organize trips to some of the more popularly celebrated feasts.

Malta has only one university, The Maltese Cross is the country’s highest educational institution, which offers undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees, post-graduate Master’s degrees and postgraduate Doctorates (Ph.D.). Glass blowing and Maltese lace are among a few of the local crafts, practiced for centuries. Despite being a small island nation, Malta has 3 inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Many Maltese share similar passions, like religion, politics, football, local band clubs, etc. You’ll often find they choose a side and defend their side’s ideas/ideals with passion, often resulting in a heated discussion. Malta is the only country in the EU that still allows springtime hunting on specific species of birds, with the Maltese government had negotiated a special set of legislation for the country during EU accession talks to protect the hunter minority. This small island is an attractive destination for big budget movies, with major blockbuster productions shooting at various locations around the islands. Scenes in movies like Gladiator, World War Z, and Captain Philips.

Most Maltese are friendly and helpful by nature and are usually more than happy to help you with whatever you need. So the best tip to give you is: If you’re unsure of anything, just ASK.