Useful Information about Megapolis


Megapolis is the world’s most popular and trending game nowadays. It is an economic building making strategy based game. It is created by Social Quantum Ltd.,  and its size is almost 58 MB. The game is quickly available on apple store for IOS users and on play store for Android users at free of cost.

To play the game, one must need a smartphone with new technology and an internet connection. It helps in run the game properly and avoids various types of difficulties while playing.


Megapolis contains different types of structures and buildings. There are various types of buildings in the game which plays a more important role. Users have to create more and more buildings in order to expand their city or earn enough amount of in-game currency. Following are different types of buildings and structures in the game –

  • Production – These buildings are used to perform production activities. Users need to unlock them with the help of coins and megabucks and they can get more with Megapolis Cheats. Production buildings take a long time to complete. Users should think properly in order to buy a good production building. In it, gamers also sign a contract to create production building. This process gives you a lot of in-game currency.
  • Resources – It refers to other types of structures which are used to perform important activities. These are also buying with the help of in-game currency. These buildings are used in supplying electricity, water, and various resources to your city. These help a lot in order to earn more coins and megabucks. One should take care while they are buying these buildings.
  • Expansions – It refers to the area or structures where you play in the game. Buying more of these buildings, it increases your playing area. Megapolis considers different types of expansion territories which are as follow –

o    City Center

o    River  Valley

o    Seaside

o    Lowland

o    Highland


Megapolis is the game of creating buildings and structures in order to lead the game. The more and more you create the buildings the more you become perfect in it and become the best player in it.